Soca Twins – Soca Spring 2022 – Berlin Carnival Weekender

It’s Spring! Wake up, come out and fete wid us like no tomorrow to SOCA music! Berlin Carnival Weekender – June 3-5 2022
#carnivalfeverent x #carnivalexplosion

Special Intro – Timeka Marshall
Timeka Marshall x College Boy Jesse – Anything
Nadia Batson – Jelly
Chingee – Drip Drip
Machel Montano – Happy Papi
Skinny Fabulous – All Eyes On You
Patrice Roberts – Mind My Business
Adam O – Stress Bout Dat
Skinny Fabulous – New Gyal
Jadel – Up D The Party
Fay-Ann Lyons – Something Special
Kernal x Zan, Johann Chuckaree – Pram Pram
Shurwayne Winchester – #LTA Look Trouble Again
King Bubba – Ring Ding
Farmer Nappy – Get Up
Voice – Out & Bad
Blaxx – Mash Up
Bunji Garlin – DNA
Fay-Ann Lyons – Not Leaving
Terri Lyons – Fling Bam Bam
Shal Marshall – Brap Brap
Problem Child – Party On Fire
Nailah Blackman – Boss
Nailah Blackman – Gyal Wine
Mole x Brucelee Almighty – Bad Badd
Viking Ding Dong – Earthquake
Lil Rick – Clean
Problem Child – Drunk’n Style
Melick – Take Bamboo
DJ Cheem x Boogy Rankss – Dutty
Taller Dan – Sucka Bag
Mechach – Soca & Liquor
Trinidad Killa – Come Down From Dey
Army Guy – Tambou & Pan
DJ Private Ryan x Sekon Sta, Salty – Bam Bam
Dj Private Ryan x Viking Ding Dong – Boatride Anthem
Jaiga x GBM Nutron – Free Again
GBM NUtron & Lyrikal – Straight 10
GBM – Holding On
Dj Private Ryan x Terri Lyons – Can You Feel It
Dj Private Ryan x Lyrikal – Find A Way
Dj Private Ryan x Sekon Sta – Toast
Dj Private Ryan x GBM Nutron – I Like It
Wetty Beatz x Smash – Rum Love
Skinny Banton – Band Parade
Skinny Fabulous – Showers
Problem Child & Shal Marshall – I Outside (Imagine If)
Temptress – I Watching I Aint Talking
Fligh – Who Lying
Sackie – Lose Weight
Slatta – Jab Story
Viking Ding Dong – Runaway
Patrice Roberts – Any Way
Problem Child – Crocodile
Problem Child – Mad Jam
Grabba Finesse – Keith Horn
Dat-C Dq – Canoe
Mr Killa – Jab Religion
Wetty Beatz – Smokey
Lyrikal – Damage
Machel Montano – Maddest Crew
Skinny Fabulous – Garn
Problem Child – De Saltfish
Shireen B – Container
Viking Ding Dong – Bend
Terra D Governor – Looney Toon
Tallpree – Fettin Crazy
Tallpree – Mi Shell
Slatta – Jabzillas
Fay-Ann Lyons – For Dem
Bunji Garlin – Take Me
Bunji Garlin – The Covenant
Bunji Garlin & Bounty Killer – Free Up
Bunji Garlin – Friday
Bunji Garlin – Trini Lingo
Benjai – Everything Match
Motto x Bobby Konders – Playing Games
Motto – Flavor (French Vanilla)
Charly Black – Hold Me
Machel Montano – 10 Outta 10
Teddyson John x Skinny Fabulous – People Business
Nadia Batson – Doh Want To Go
Patrice Roberts – Rock Me
Lyrikal – Woman Ah De Year
Problem Child – You Lied
Problem Child – Kitty Cat
Skinny Fabulous – Too Damn Wicked Sun Fun
Shal Marshall – Applause
Patrice Roberts – Hard on
Voice – Peace of Mind (Magnet Refix)
Kes & Lord Nelson – Do We Ting
Problem Child – Under Vibes
Erphaan Alves & Shal Marshall – Mash Up
Nadia Batson – We Woulda
Carib x Shenseea x Kerwin Du Bois – Can You Feel It
Baron & Azaryah – Runnin’ Red
Nadia Batson – Sweetest Feeling
Lyrikal – Soca Forever
Zan – Sunshine & Wine
Kernal Roberts – Tilt
Adam O – Nice & Easy
GBM Nutron – Reverse
Problem Child – Fete It Up
Shal Marshall – Orchid
Olantunji Yearwood – Sexy Baby (Fling It Back)
Blaxx – Rock So
Skinny Fabulous – Gyalis
Machel Montano x Problem Child – Just Dance
Karene Asche – Private
Shurwayne Winchester – Gangalee
GBM Nutron – Down Dey
GBM Nutron – Sweetness
Nadia Batson – Meet In The Middle
Problem Child – Help Me
Lyrikal – One Dance
Full Blown – Full of Love
GBM Nutron x Full Blown – Party With You
Teddyson John x Full Blown – Happy Life
Kerwin Du Bois x Full Blown – Maxine
Mical Teja x Nailah Blackman – Dingolay
Nailah Blackman – Bodum Bodum
Kimba Sorzano – I Wah You
Patrice Roberts x Afro B – Camera
Kes – Jolene
Kerwin Du bois – All I Need
Hey Choppi – Dizzy Me
GBM Nutron x Imani Ray – Dancing Partner
Kerwin Du Bois – Live Up Ya Life
Erphaan Alves x D Piano Girl Johanna – Carnival Nwantiti Unofficial Refix

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