Popcaan – Forever Album Mixtape (July 2018)

MIXTAPE WAS BROUGHT TO YOU BY DJ BOBAJOE PROMOTIONS IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE UNRULY ENTERTAINMENT OF THE RELEASE OF POPCAAN ULTIMATE FOREVER ALBUM BUY TODAY. TRACKLIST TITLE & TIME 1.Silence 3:35 2.Call Me 3:28 3.Wine For Me 3:09 4.Superstar 2:56 5.Happy Now 3:48 6.Naked 3:06 7.High Drive (Louis Out) 2:51 8.Foreign Love 3:57 9.Body So Good 3:37 10.Lef My Gun 3:07 11.Mi Love Yuh 2:26 12.Deserve It All 2:20 13.Dun Rich (feat. Davido) 3:23 14.Strong Woman 3:23 15.Through the Storm 3:29 16.Firm and Strong 4:57 17.A Wha Suh 3:26 Find DJ BOBAJOE anywhere by typing DJ BOBAJOE Copyrighted by Mixpak

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