Moments With Mi Media – Coffee In Toe – Ep.52

On today's #WCW Woman Crush Wednesday episode, we featured the music of Aaliyah. In international news, "Ukraine is to benefit from a new aid package valued at US$1.7B to pay their healthcare workers. The disbursement will be made by the US Treasury Department, the World bank, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). So far the US has sent over US$7B in aid to Ukraine. SMH! Live audio recording from Moments with Mi Media Coffee In Toe World News On The Go on July 12, 2022. Tune in Monday to Friday @ 9am - 12noon with Moments with Mi Media on Jahkno Radio ➖➖➖ ▶️ Follow Moments with Mi Media ➖➖➖ ▶️ Follow Jahkno Radio​​​ ➖➖➖ ▶️ Listen Jahkno Radio​ ➖➖➖ ▶️ Become A Patreon

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