In The Mean Time – S1E4 – The Relation-Ships We Sink Pt.2

In The Mean Time - Radio Show | Season 1 | Episode 4 | The Relation-Ships We Sink Pt.2 | Curly Loxx

Today's topic in episode 4 entitled (The relation- ships we sink p 2) is the continuation episode 3 which is centered around the recent and not so recent upsurge of violence against women in Jamaica and the world. Patrick continues to address the subconscious egocentric inner realities of the human being that separates them from the things the believe they way. He goes deep in exllaing the human tendency to fantasize and base their desires on ideas while ignoring the processes that bring them into fruition.

“In The Meantime” is the brainchild of Patrick “Curly Loxx” Gaynor.  It is written, recorded, and produced entirely by him. With this program, he attempts to fill the void created when “Stir It Up” is between volumes. The concept is a radio show parody that is centered around the satirical discussion of serious social topics.

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