Hail Ras Tafari Vol.3 Power Of The Trinity

This Is Yaadcore’s 3rd Edition Of His “Hail Ras Tafari” Series Done In Commemoration Of H.I.M Haile Selassie I 123rd Earthday. Uplifting & Rootical Reasonings From Mortimo Planno & Iyah Man Are Incorporated In This Musical Project To Make This Mix More A History Lesson On Rastafari.

1.Mortimo Planno – The World Want To Know [Reasonin]
2.Sister Frica – One In Spirit
3.Rod Taylor – No One Can Tell I About Jah
4.Mortimo Plano – In The University [Reasoning]
5.Culture – Tell Me Who Jah
6.Iyah Man – He Is The Trinity [Reasoning]
7.The Rastafarians – Jah Greatest Blessing
8.Heptones – Jah Guide [Extension]
9.Mortimo Planno – The Movement Is Not A Mad Movement [Reasoning]
10.Freddie McGregor – Jah Can Count On I
11.Linval Thompson – Loves Us All
12.Fredlocks – Hail The Emperor
13.Danny Red – Rasta We Rasta
14.Twinkle Brothers – Jah Shall Rain
15.Iyah Man – King Of Kings Represent Christ [Reasoning]
16.Danny Red – Jahova
17.Twinkle Brothers – Praise H.I.M
18.Midnite – Give Jah The Glory
19.Iyah Man – Spiritual Birth [Reasoning]
20.Iba Mahr – Glory Of The King
21.Micah Shemaiah – Lion Of Judah
22.Mortimo Planno – ONE Voice [Reasoning]
23.Ziggi Recado ft. Taranchyla & Earl 16 – Jah Mercy
24.Pressure – Hail The King Of Kings
25.Mortimo Planno – Amharic [Reasoning]
26.Alpha Blonde – Jerusalem
27.Xana Romeo – Righteous Path
28.Iyah Man – Release The Children Of Israel [Reasoning]
29.Bob Marley – Haile Selassie Is The Chapel

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