Ep. 188 – “Me Tiyaad Fi Shoot”

It’s a celebration!
In a ‘spirited’ episode, Ari, Naro and Javi celebrate getting over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube while recalling a “wild” night out at ‘Pon Di Plaza.’ They also talk growing complaints by party patrons of selectors not catering to women, social media personality Ivany Wright being called out for a ‘repulsive’ video with her dog, KC students being sent home for their hair cuts and more.

Buss Di Utes songs of the week:

Chargii & Khxos – Grabba & Weed: https://bit.ly/3MrcRqG

Keva Hype – Get We Out: https://bit.ly/38tyNT8

OG Kemis – Voice Of The Ghetto: https://bit.ly/3kgTowM

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