100% Griselda Part 2

DJ Stikmand brings you another round of 100% Griselda with Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher & Westside Gunn. Tracklist 01 Mandatory w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer) 02 Don’t Trust A Soul w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by Mil Beats) 03 2 Weapons w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by Daringer) 04 Anybody w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer) 05 Untitled Drums 04 w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by Imported Goodz) 06 Clean The Whole Room Out w/ Conway (prod. by Dedw8) 07 Forever w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by Frank’s Vinyl) 08 The Machine & TEK w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer) 09 98 Sabers w/ Westside Gunn, Armani Caesar, Benny The Butcher & Conway (prod. by Just Blaze) 10 Basquiat On The Draw w/ Conway & Westside Gunn (prod. by Apollo Brown) 11 Nothin Less w/ Conway (prod. by DJ Premier) 12 Shawn vs. Flair w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by DJ Premier) 13 Simply Done w/ Armani Caesar & Benny the Butcher (prod. by DJ Premier) 14 Fast Eddie w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by Daringer) 15 Hurt Business w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by Camoflauge Monk) 16 What Happened To The Streets w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by Planit Hank) 17 Famous w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by HitBoy) 18 Jesus Khrysis w/ Conway (prod. by Khrysis) 19 Raw Oysters w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer) 20 Big L & Half A Mil w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by J57) 21 Outta Line w/ Conway (prod. by Hazardis Sound) 22 Tito’s Back w/ Conway & Benny The Butcher (prod. by Daringer) 23 Macho On Coke w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by Daringer) 24 Rodney Little w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer) 25 Broken Bottles w/ Benny The Butcher (prod. by Alchemist) 26 Gucci Casket w/ Conway (prod. by JR Swiftz) 27 Torch w/ Conway (prod. by Cuns) 28 Flyy w/ Westside Gunn (prod. by Daringer) 29 Bang w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer & Beat Butcha) 30 Fifty One w/ Benny The Butcher & Westside Gunn (prod. by Alchemist) 31 Broken Safety w/ Conway (prod. by Daringer)

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