Top Striker Mixtape Vol. II Hosted By ZJ Elektra

The Black Mattic Top Striker Mixtape Vol. 2 is coming in hot this summer like a buck toe with a bag of mixed things. The track listing for the mixtape has been released and one can therefore speak highly of its proper execution after reviewing the mixtape. The mixtape boasts a 30 track compilation with hip hop beats, poppin’ melodies, and dancehall fusions to afro jams. For persons who have never heard freestyles or could barely listen to a track for even one minute, well, this will be the introduction for you. You can hear clearly what's being said and the lyrics are relatable and if that's not enough, the beats will have you moving. As a result of this, you will be addicted to the freestyles in listening just a few short minutes on this mixtape. You can listen out for rhymes, puns, sick word plays, crazy punchlines in songs such as ‘Holy Water’, ‘Glass Jar’, ‘Birdbox’, ‘Wall Street’, ‘Shaolin Bunny’ and many others. Additionally, the way Black Mattic tells a story with his words for example in 'The Heist', listeners will gravitate towards the song as it is filled with comedy, action and suspense. Mainly filled with freestyles, the project explores various subjects across the board such as money, women, guns, and reality but cleverly styled to give listeners a refreshing perspective. Similar to a well delivered speech, Black Mattic uses hyperbole to paint a vivid picture in his songs. You will hear this in 'Chainsmoker', 'Hot Soup', 'Holy Water', 'Black Rose', 'The Heist' and others, as he injects feeling and humour into his lyrics. Artistes featured on the track include 007 Dice, Ali Sweet, Kongyu, Daniko, Ruelle and Daniiboo. Zj Elektra who is the host of the mixtape, even has some surprises up her sleeve, not to mention the energy and presence is definitely felt. This audio production is not on your theatrical stage, however, blasting in your speakers will ensure maximum satisfaction as there is something for everyone. Available on all social media platforms, be sure to download and enjoy Track List: 1. HOLY WATER INTRO 2. HOLY WATER 3. WALL STREET 4. BIRD BOX 5. DICE GAME 6. SURPRISE 7. CHAINSMOKER 8. DEAD BALL 9. KILLING GROUND 10. HOT SOUP 11. YOUR LEAGUE 12. RUNNING GUNZ 13. REALNESS 14. DISHONOR 15. ROLLING STONE 16. QUICK SAND 17. REAL STORY 18. THE HEIST 19. EXTRA CREDIT 20. DIAMOND CUT 21. FOREVER 22. TOUCH 23. SEE YUH 24. TOMBSTONE 25. TROUBLE 26. LEVIS 27. GLASS JAR 28. BLACK ROSE 29. SHAOLIN BUNNY 30. MONSTERS

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