2022 Crop Over Charge (Bajan Soca Mix) | DJ Jel “2022 Barbados Soca”

2022 Crop Over Charge (Bajan Soca Mix) | DJ Jel “2022 Barbados Soca”

Brucelee Almightee – Mauby (Rizen Cut)
Freshie & Walkes – Drill It
Walkes – Change Position
Red Royale – Gold Cup
Noah Powa – Boom
Lynchy & Sandman – Lashes & Licks
Mole De Chief – Less Noise
DJ Cheem & Lil Rick – Bashment Start Action Start
Faith Callender – Boy You (Juk Dung)
Scrilla – Facts
Shireen B & Stiffy – Wuk It Up
Sandman – Captain Sands
Mole De Chief x Brucelee Almightee x DJ Cheem – Bed
Lil Bitts – Wuk Up N Wine
DJ Cheem & IQ – Soca Start
Stiffy – Action Pack
Stiffy – Roll It
Mole De Chief – Royal G
Bo Bo – Lollipop
Mikey Mercer x Mole – Nostalgic
King Bubba FM – Ring Ding (Jel Edit)
Lynchy – Middle of Action (M.I.A)
Tae – Party Nice Again
TC – Never Take Life For Granted
Faith Callender x Nikita – Bestie
Red the Artist – Til Morning
Marzville – Wuk U Tonite
Saddis – Nothing On You
Peter Ram – Doan Leave Me
Natahlee – Emergency
Mighty Grynner – Grynner Behind Her
Bo Bo x Reckondrums – Trunk Man (Container)
Jus Smoove – Jam
Red Plastic Bag (RPB) – Freedom
Mistah Dale – Prison Break
Chrissy D – Next Year (Jel Festival Edit)
King Bubba FM – Blessings (Intro Edit)
Fadda Fox – Hell No (Calling Out Sick)
Problem Child & Mole De Chief – Move Yuh Ramgoat
Patrice Roberts – On The Road
Fadda Fox & Shal Marshall – Jam Dem
Skinny Fabulous – Wildest Thing
King Bubba FM – White Boy Wuk Up
Lil Rick – Wine & Roll
Lil Rick – You Inspire Me (Cock Back & Roll It)
Stiffy – Drunk Remix (feat. Pong)
iweb X Mikey Mercer – Badd
Nikita & MIkey – Ready
Peter Ram – Cheese On Bread
Rameses – Stampede
Jus D – Wild
Edwin Yearwood – Lock It Off
Fadda Fox – Whole Night
Private Ryan x Marzville – Rough
Private Ryan x Sekon Sta – Property
Private Ryan x Skinny Fabulous – Liver
Private Ryan x Mela Caribe – Sugar
Private Ryan x King Bubba – Sugar Pop
Marvay – Focus On You
Joaquin – Confidence
Faith Callender – Pop Kite
Rupee – First Wine
Thelia – Dont Kill My Vibe
Shanta Prince – August
Hance – All I Need (Rizen x Jel Intro)
Hypasounds – Barbados Nice
Shaquille – Lovin
Shaquille Gfg – Love You Up
LeadPipe – Garden
Nikita – Drug
Saddis – Hooked
Jus D – Single
Kes The Band – Mechanic
Patrice Roberts – Fair Exchange (Some Ah Dis)
Problem Child – Good Ride
King Bubba FM – Party Cyah Done
Akhnaten – PTSD “Jam On Somebody”
Tarique O’Neal – Anytime
Grateful Co – Location
Altek – Liquor
Reniece Bonnett – Property
Keelz & 5 Rings Sound – Feeling A Way
Mikey X MSK Musik – Company (Jel Festival Intro)
Marzville – Wet
Fadda Fox – Carnival Memories (Zen Radio Chop)
Edwin Yearwood, Dj Spider – Request
Marzville, Dj Spider – Rude
Marzville X Dj Spider – Too Hott
Bo Bo X Betty B – Back In Business
Nikita – Superwoman
Chrissy D – Carnival Story
Reign Christopher – Bring De Rum
Father Phyillis- Face beat
DJ Cheem – Good wine
Kool Face – Hold Tite
Problem Child – Ramp Wid
Lil Rick – Boom Pon De Ting
Mole De Chief – Like Um Is Mine
Mole – Wha U Gaw Do
Jagwa De Champ – Animal
Hypasounds – Balance Batty
Walkes – Toxic
Freshie – No Regretting
Stiffy – Teck All
Cheem x QQ – Bing Bong (intro)
Rhea Layne & Walkes – Dibbiness
Faith Callender & Alison Hinds – Melanin Pop
Maloney – Independent Gyal
Lady Essence – We Outside Again (Bubble Fi De DJ)
Lady Essence – Ragga Riddim
SugahRhe – Target Practice
Peter Ram – Bajan Girls
Rhea Layne – Bruggadown
Summa, A.O.N Skillz – Not That Gal
Altuh Ego – Boss Gal
Brucelee Almightee – Don’t Stop
Freshie – Simon Says
Swweetical & DJ Cheem – Lobster or Crab
Rehab – No Chaser
Stiffy – De Rose
Mole De Chief – Georgie Porgie
Stabby – Some Girls
Lady Essence – Bubble & Collect
Hardware – Ya Horn
Willyxshabar – Ride
Coopa Dan – To De Point
Scrilla – Bumpa Jaws
Lil Rick – Pelau
Wildfire – Gyal Heaven
Ricardo Drue – No F’s To Give
King Bubba FM – Rum Mountain (One Drop)
King Bubba FM – Action Time

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