2021 Vincy Soca Take Over (Ragga Soca Rewind)

2021 Vincy Soca Take Over (Ragga Soca Rewind)
Tracklisting & DL: https://www.bit.ly/2021VINCYSOCATAKEOVER

Skinny Fabulous x Rodney Small – This Island Is Mine

Galanaire – When I Come Ine

Jamesy P – Things Nice (12 More Days)

Bomani – On De Road

Bomani – La Bush

Brewskie – Cherry

Zoelah – More Water

Reka Gaymes – It Lit

Skinny Fabolous – Sore Foot

Hance – Zone

Hance – Down Dey

HottSand x Nikki D Diva – Will Not Stay

Mason & V’ghn – Same thing

Mason – Vybz To Start It

Fya Empress – Bam Bam Talk

Icon – Bicycle Whine

Jamsey P – Naked Truth

Problem Child – In The Middle F.Daria

Colombian – Action Time

Fire Empress – Sake Pase

Skinny Fabulous – Gimme Gyal

Luta – Hold me Head

Luta – Bottom Town

Luta – Tight Spot

Luta – Liqher License

Fireman Hooper – Rum Meeting

Maddzart – Balance Yo Drink

Problem Child x Patrice Roberts – Love Me Carnival

Fya Empress – Ah Ketch It

Wetty Beatz – Cyah Take It

Danielle Veira – Till The Dawn

Skinny Fabulous & Danielle Veira – Beautiful Night

Colombian – Rock Yah Body

Mason – Sausage

ROYALL – Machine

Primetime – IDFWU (I Dont Fete with You)

Maddzart – Whyne Pon Me

HYPA 4000 – Too Hard

Problem Child – Stick On

Problem Child – All i Know

Tian Winter – Smooth Criminal

Reka Gaymes – Born for This

Skinny Fabulous – Make it Rain

Hance – Drinking Partner

Hance x Rodney Small – Pan Yard (Love Of Pan)

Hance – Blessings

Rosario x Traffik Plus – Ah Free

Kev – Voice Note

Spade – Something About You (Brass mix)

Wetty-Beatz – W.I.G

Wetty Beatz – Under Day

Wetty-Beatz – Toe low

L-Pank – Oh gosh

L Pank – Whole Night (Smartiez Intro)

Hollabak x Skinny Fabolous – Attitude

V’ghn – Trouble In The Morning

Problem Child – All Ah Dem (Ryan Sayeed Intro)

Problem Child – So Amazing

Jamesy P – Duttiness

Skinny Fabulous – Pum Pum Shorts

Skinny Fabolous – Pan Grung

Dynamite – Brave

Dynamite – BIG UP

Fimba – Neighbor

Fimba – Funky Business

SHANEY HYPES (Hypa 4000) – Habitual

Ozarie – Best Wine (From Another Man Wife)

Ozarie – Bend Ova

Mason – Dem Vincy

Mason – In Yo Panty

Mason – Different

Jamesy P – Down In Dey

Vincy Marshall – Faith

Jamesy P – Hit N Run

Chewalee – Rumist

Skarpyon – Rum Do Dat

Elegance – Pally Wack (New Dance)

NIKKI “Da Diva” – Waistline Wuk

Fya Empress – Lahlo

Fya Empress – Under Meh

Kev – Rotate it

Luta – Fete Away

Hance – Sugar Mami

Ke Ke – Ma Maylay

Zoelah – Stick

Nicki D Diva – Gimme

Skarpyon – Stay Home Wine

PrimeTime – Climax

Stamina Smurf – Happiness

Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois – Like Nike

Problem Child – Love De Road

Stadic (Kevin Charles) – Wet Meh Down

Chewalee – Rum Cheaper Than Woman

DYMEZ – Malice

Fligh – TMP Too Much Pressure

Mason – Couple Shots

Slatta x Skinny Fabulous – Same Result

Problem Child – Doh Run

Problem Child – Ah Say

Jamesy P – Chronic Disorder (Puff N Pass)

Jamesy P – Siyahbonga

Dymez x daPixel (DxdP) – Body

MaddZart – Go low

Shortpree – Best Part

Galanaire Avalaunche – Tonight

Dymez n Da Pixel – Down In It

Patrice Roberts – All Of It

Problem Child – For Forever

Zoelah x Milbeatz – Twist My Love

Zeek – In Dey

Skarpyon – Wine’N

Hance – DeJA VU (Julian Rampaul Intro)

Fireman Hooper – My Love For Soca

Luta – We Out Here

L Pank – Single

Mason Made – London

Problem Child – Good Up Good Up

Cloud – Wine Slow

Skinny Fabulous – Strong Rum (Someting)

R3cka – Butt Me With Respect

Fireman Hooper – Bun Dem

Jamesy P – Sankie Pan Dem

Luta – Throw Bad Mind

Luta – Gyal Bawling

Skinny Fabolous – Angela

Big Dog Pitbull – Belly

Jae Kali – Too Rude

Spielberg – Come In She Country (Jel DubPlate)

Sita – Matey

Mad King – Water Gun

Jamesy P – Soca Land (Jel Intro)

Hance – Uptown Party (Intro)

Tutty – Don’t Call Meh Phone

Fya Empress – Last Call F.Mr Fusion

Wizskid – Whining Criminal

WIZSKID – Fettologist

Busy Signal – Rave Out

Donaeo x Problem Child – Party Hard

Problem Child – Life of The Party

Daneel – I Love The Way

Patrice Roberts – A Little Wine

Problem Child – Born To Win F.Patrice Roberts

Skinny Fabulous – Good People

Ras Jomo – Where We Come From (Jel Intro)

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