2021 Crop Over Charge (Bajan Soca Mix) | DJ Jel “2021 Barbados Soca”

2021 Crop Over Charge (Bajan Soca Mix) | DJ Jel “2021 Barbados Soca”

Tracklist & DL: https://bit.ly/2021CROPOVERCHARGE

Mikey X MSK Musik – Company (Jel Intro)

Viking Ding Dong – Earthquake (Jel Intro)

Mole & Brucelee Almightee – Bad Badd

Walkes – Ca~hn Wait

Nailah Blackman – Gyal Wine

Problem Child – Drunk’n Style

Lil Rick – Clean

Klassik Frescobar x Dj Spider – Like Dat (Intro)

DJ Cheem x Dj Spider – Bumpa

Shal Marshall – Girls Gone Wild

Mr. Vegas – Hot Gal Alone

Sita D Lyrical Diva – Exam

King Bubba FM – Dog Dite

King Bubba FM – Money (Dollar Wine)

Lil Rick – Cooler Pimp

Lavaman – Dragon

Skinny Fabulous – White Boy Wasted

Leadpipe – Horna Man

Brutal Crankstar – Party Today

Gatlin & Zac De Champ – Rum

Saddis – Wifey Material

Coopa Dan – Rain

Hypasounds – Feeling Wotless Now (Jel Intro)

Jus D – Longtime

Faith – Always Summer (Jel Intro)

SugahRhe – Reminisce

Kurtious & Omar – Wine Down Low

Yannick Hooper – Do To Me

Fadda Fox – Agony

Erphaan Alves – Imaginary Love

Sanctuary Vibez – Forever

Peter Ram – Pumpin’

Screwface – Let Me In

iWeb – Memories

Leadpipe & Saddis – Look Trouble

Fiyah B – Rich & Happy

Red The Artist – Gal Bend Good

Walkes – Work It

Bobo & Nellee – Car Key

Sugah Rhe – Weakness

Purple Jacket X Yannick Hooper X DJ Puffy – Gih Dem Waist

Cheem x Li’l Rick – Ba Ba Ben (Official Remix)

Father Philis – Bumpa Brawling

Jagwa De Champ – Active

Jagwa De Champ/Feat. Supa Nytro – Wild & Freaky


Stabby – Belly

AltuhEgo – Release

Stabby – Questions

Scrilla – Angle

Lyrikal – Dutty Waist

Fiyah B – Do What You Want

KDM – Tek It All

Faith Callender – Brek It Off

Sugah Rhe – Tick-Tok

C. Diddy – Tek Dese Juks

Edwin Yearwood – RESILIENCE (Make It Work)

DJ Cheem – Sweet Soca Music

Mikey – Riches

Grateful Co – Ease

Lynchy – Soca In We Veins

Red The Artist – In De Fete Again

Lady J x Lil Rick – Walk Out

Shanta Prince – Slide & Ride (Ride on Tik Tok)

Jus D x AkaiiUsweet – Poke

Adam O x AkaiiUsweet – Warming Up

Fadda Fox – Outside Again (De Cure)

Lyrikal x Nadia Batson – Fuh Days

Sanctuary Vibez – Life Is Never Easy

Statement – Ah Wanna Party

Amber – Soca Groupie

Snypa – We Love To Party

Richie Rich – Doing De Most

Boatman – Gal Work

Holla Bak – Hurt It

Erphaan Alves – Trouble

Terrah Dan – My Girl (Dah You?)

Ms Desire – Show It Off

Merzy – Dig It

Sugah Rhe & Walkes – G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time)

Trey Breezy – Workout Session

Stiffy – I Will Be Drunk

MR Blood – Down in Dey

Chrissy D – Final Stage

Peter Ram – Tek Ya Time

Bobo – Peppa

Scrilla – Freek

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