2020 Summer Soca Catch Up



Hypasounds - Mizik

Swappi - Properly

Chrissy D - Next Year

Betty B - H.T.F (How To Fete)

Boyzie - Need Ah Fete (Jel Intro)

Edwin Yearwood - I Am

V'ghn - Find Out (Kevin Intro)

Wendi - Weakness

Ricardo Drue - Homesick (Crown Prince Edit)

Voice - By Any Means (Rico Intro)

Addo & TBoss - Best Side (Left Right)

Trinidad Madman (Super Pink) - Married

Adrian Dutchin x Mr. Legz - Throw Thing

DJ Avalanche - 16 Oz

Mikey - Getting It Good (Jel Intro)

Keno Hall - Somebody Got Ya Girlfriend on Layaway

YMW x Kenyo - Losing My Mind

Klassik Frescobar - Zig Zag

Blackboy - Wiggle

Freezy - Ride It

Ledek - Down In De Meat (Jel Intro)

Jab King - Makaway

Slatta - Full Package

Lil Kerry - Go No Way

Xpert - Smoke Mask Build Up

Terra D Governor - Planet Of The Jab Jab

Tallpree & Xpert Productions - Expressions (Jel Intro)

Boogie B x Mr. Legz - Big Long Thing

Problem Child - Dem Alone

Sick-O - Jam

Klassik Frescobar - Looking Good

DJ Addo & TBoss - Chip Chip

UMPA - Dennery Anthem

Jardel x Jequan - In De Quarantine


Subance - Bay Pat

Keks Mafia - Vicks

Asa Bantan - Big Tree

Tian Winter - Inside

Wetty Beatz - Ting Go Nice Again JEL INTRO

Imark x Mr Mention x AkaiiUsweet - Fake Inna Dem (BadmInd)

Sedale - Celebrate

Shemmy J - Tattoo

Shemmy J - Baecation

Jadel - Bossy

Skinny Fabulous - Apology

Hollywood HP - I'm Broke (Ambition)

V'ghn - No F's To Give

Jus D - Boom Bang

Fadda Fox - Sweet Spot

Mical Teja - Strength of GOD

Erphaan Alves - Hold On

Problem Child - Oh My Gosh

King Bubba - Pressure

Mole De Chief - Young And Wild

Lil Rick - Get Low (Radio)

Lil Rick - Ride Pun It

Lil Rick - Bruck It Off

Jagwa De Champ - Si Down Back Pun It

Sanctuary - Pocket

Lil Rick - No R.H

Ravi B - Deal with Dat

Mason - Crix N Milk

GBM Nutron - Next Gyal (Jel Intro)

Benje x Ovadose - Gal Anthem

J Cheem - Ba Ba Ben WINE BEN PART 2

BlackBoy x Lu City - China

Cooyah - Bumper Police

Shemmy J x Freezy - On The Way (OTW)

Zoomboy - Indicate

Teejay - Ride (Movay Tuh)

Subance - Accelerer

Natoxie Ft Freezy - Touch Down

Freezy x King Bubba FM - Back It Up (Remix)

Lyrikal - Quick Stop

Ricky T - Especially

Ricky T & Denise Belfon - HA

Black Boy x Travis World - EyeLash (Unreleased Preview)

Adam O x AkaiiUsweet - Warming Up (Intro)

Adam O & Victorious - Chocolate

Chrissy D - Tek Time

Jus D - Touch

Lynchy x DJ Ky - Aint Stressin' Me

Fimba - Hunters

Problem Child - Better Must Come

Problem Child - Show You Off

Faith - Dont Break Yet (Intro)

King James - Sugary

Ricardo Drue - Lucky

Pumpa - Hands Free

Adam O - Properly

Mic Love- Rona

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